It is important to have a moment of respite from the busy days. And what you need in a time of respite is quality lounge wear that is 100% cotton. That’s what we believe, and that’s how we came up with the idea of the Cuma series. The world-famous, Japan-made tsuri fabric used in the Cuma series fully brings out the natural resilience of cotton, and its made-in-Japan quality is evident in the lightness of its softly knitted fabric that is only possible thanks to the rare loopwheel knitting machines. Moreover, the garments in the Cuma series have a flatseamer finish, a technique in which fabrics are joined together without overlaps or gaps, and this ensures that these garments can be comfortably worn as the first layer next to your skin without stress.

We concede nothing when it comes to the design and comfort of our clothes, and the Cuma series shirts are no exception to this principle. The great comfort that the Cuma series garments offer is a result of our meticulous pattern making. Carefully designed in every detail, this half-sleeve shirt does not hinder your movement. Moreover, it never looks bulging despite its loose fit thanks to the gussets on both sides , and you will always look smart in this shirt. Lay back and enjoy the silky feel that is unique to the Japan-made tsuri fabric to your hearts content.

The tag on the sleeve is made from eco-friendly materials and adds an accent. We paid great attention to every detail to make this item not only stylish but also something in which you can have confidence.

* Due to super loose-twisted fleece piles of varying lengths, there may be more fluff coming off than you would normally find. This is natural to this type of fabric, and it will eventually go away after several washes.

Size details
[FREE]Length 62cm, Bust 140cm, Shoulder width 72cm, Sleeve length 15cm, Cuff width 22.5cm, Top width 19cm, Front drop 9.5cm, Back drop 3cm
*Due to the characteristics of the product fabric, there may be a difference of about 2cm.

100% cotton

Country of origin

<Model wearing size of the image 10-12th piece>
Product / FREE
Model / Height : 163cm, Weight : 51kg

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