Make your ordinary days a little less ordinary.

Landhaus means vacation house in German, and everything we offer, from towels, which are our signature items, to loungewear, is essential for families to spend their time as if they were in the comfort of a holiday home. All of our items are made in Japan. Each and every one of them is carefully produced. In fact, when it comes to quality, we make no concessions.

We went to great lengths, jointly developing original materials with our reliable suppliers, for example, to ensure the quality of our items is immediately obvious to you from the moment you pick them up.
The idea of Landhaus was conceived to create the atmosphere of a vacation filled with warmth and affection in everyday life for you, and Landhaus manufactures with love and care for you.

Landhaus endorses the Circular Manufacturing and Distribution Initiative (CMDI), which is a project for a circular and sustainable future.
Our ambition is to achieve a manufacturing project that is equally kind to the Earth and people.
In line with the spirit of the CMDI, we offer forward-looking products that you can truly enjoy.
We started off with upcycling things that are normally thrown away once they are no longer needed, for example, free samples that are unused and trial products that are only used for internal purposes, Under the guidance of a certain mother, these items are combined with vintage bandannas and turned into handmade potholders. Each of these items looks unique and is special.
Going forward, we are looking to further expanding this project to collect Landhaus towels you no longer need and give them new life as potholders and other unique items.
We believe it is important for our brand to give thought to raw materials, dyeing, sewing, and other elements involved in the manufacturing process, think about their environmental impact even before we start producing items, and make a conscious and sustainable choice based on these considerations.