Timeless craftsmanship −made in Japan−

Towels are signature items of Landhaus. Our towels do not only look great but they are also surprisingly light despite their luxurious volume, and you will find it hard to resist the temptation of burying your face in them. The softness of Landhaus towels, airy and dry with a refreshing texture of just-washed cotton, is truly one of its kind. This is made possible by the fact that every process involved in making our towels, from weaving to dyeing and sewing, takes place in a single factory, allowing us to put a lot of time and effort without the slightest compromise. Amongst the many processes, what we value above all else is the process called sarashi, in which towels are washed to remove the glue and any impurities and then bleached. The manufacturer of our towels, an old establishment whose foundation dates back to 1908, has kept its method of sarashi secret to the outside world throughout its more than 110 years of history, and the towel maker still washes and bleaches its towels in the same way now as it did back then. It is a painstakingly long process, but it is precisely thanks to this that our towels become extremely water-absorbent, with a uniquely soft and airy texture.
This is why our towels do not need washing before you use them. When you use a Landhaus towel, you will be surprised to see how much water it can absorb. The uniquely dry, light, soft and luxurious texture of our towels is unparalleled, and we definitely would like you to try and see it yourself.

The internationally-certified cotton we use is made in the US, sustainably sourced for your peace of mind, and, of course, high-quality.
In the final process of pre-shipment inspection, our towels are manually checked one by one to see if they conform to the standard size and weight, as well as to confirm there are no frays or loose threads. Inspection does not end here. Even after they are packaged, they are checked by an iron detector for any left needles. It is only when they pass all these inspections that they are finally recognized as our signature items.
What is more, our towels carry the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label, an international quality standard that certifies the safety of textile products. Certified as Product Class 1, the strictest category of the Standard 100, our towels are safe to use even for babies with sensitive skin conditions.
Towels support our daily life. We believe they have to be safe, something in which we can have confidence in, and above all, comfortable. That’s the philosophy behind Landhaus towels. And that’s how we express our love and care at Landhaus.