The Towel LH Classics series offers a range of towels that are made using only natural materials. They are light and have a refreshingly airy and dry feel of just-washed cotton.

In fact, our towels are surprisingly light despite their luxurious volume, and you will find it hard to resist the temptation of burying your face in their thick-piled fabric. All of this is thanks to the high-quality American cotton whose production is tightly controlled. The cotton, which is made from thin yarns that are very loosely spun, is soft to your skin but retains its gentle firmness.

Another characteristic of our towels is that they are extremely water-absorbent. This is made possible by the painstakingly time-consuming efforts our towel manufacturer puts into the process of sarashi, in which towels are thoroughly washed according to the method that it has kept, and still keeps, secret to the outside world. The result is that you can use our towels straight out of the box, as they do not need washing before use. What is more, our towels carry the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label, an international quality standard that certifies the safety of textile products. Certified as Product Class 1, the strictest category of the Standard 100, our towels are safe to use even for babies with sensitive skin conditions.

This handkerchief-sized hand towel is comfortable to carry around with you. It is also a perfect choice for a small gift. The towel comes in three colors – white, grey, and navy. Whichever color you choose, they all look sophisticated and are comfortable to use. (*If you choose white, which is undyed, the towel may feel slightly lighter in terms of volume than the other colors.)

Size details
33 x 33 (cm)

100% cotton

Country of origin

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