The Oeufoufou series uses a two-ply fabric to achieve ultimate softness, which becomes evident the moment you put your hand on them.

Indian cotton is generally known for its soft and sheen quality, but the cotton we use are truly special as we only use hand-picked cotton, and the result is a fabric with a distinctly velvety feel. The flat seamer finish ensures the garment is soft to your skin, making it ideal loungewear.

The boxer shorts have a silhouette that elegantly defines your legs. You can wear them in your room for your maximum comfort, but they are just as fitting on a beach or poolside. It comes in three colors, white, beige and vintage black, and we recommend you combine them with an Oeufoufou top.

 Size details
[M]Waist(elastic rise)75cm, Thigh width 35cm, Hem width 31.5cm, Rise 30.5cm, Inseam 15.5cm
[L]Waist(elastic rise)78cm, Thigh width 36cm, Hem width 32cm, Rise 31cm, Inseam 16cm
*Due to the characteristics of the product fabric, there may be a difference of about 2cm.

100% cotton

 Country of origin

<Model wearing size of the image 12-14th piece>
Product / L
Model / Height : 175cm, Weight : 70kg

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